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For all couples, engagement through marriage and beyond

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This community is for people who are in a serious relationship, engaged OR married. There is NO age limit, as we believe love comes in all ages. We are NOT a rating community. We don't believe in "judging" people's love for one another, or how they look.

Questions/comments/concerns: Please contact helenangel or post your concerns on the first post of the e2m_mods community.

Community Rules

1. All new members please fill out this fun introduction survey (URL: http://www.applebride.com/profiler/e2msurvey.asp) upon joining the community so that we can get to know you better. Feel free to post a picture with your survey as well (if it's big or more than 1 please put it behind an LJ cut).

2. Anything that does not directly affect relationships, engagement, or married living should be placed behind an LJ cut. You may still talk about them, they just need to be behind a cut, so those who want to scroll past can without having to read it. Wedding planning is welcome here, but you may want to check out our sister community weddingadvice.

3. We recommend that sensitive subjects should be put behind a cut. "Sensitive subjects" include anything of a highly controversial nature (use your best judgment). If you have a question about a post you’d like to make, e-mail one of the moderators and we’ll be happy to review your post and tell if it’s ok. When in doubt, use an LJ cut.

4. Pictures larger than 400 pixels MUST be behind an LJ cut. Also, more than 1 picture must be placed behind a cut. This will save everyone’s friends page!

5. To use an LJ cut, take the *’s out of the following example: <*lj-cut text=”YOUR POST TOPIC HERE”*>

6. DO NOT promote ANY community. You will get one warning and then banned if it continues. Please visit community_promo if you'd like to promote your community.

7. Be respectful of other members. If you do not agree with something someone has said, maturely state your opinion or ignore the post. No bashing, insulting, trolling, etc. There will be NO harassing of the moderator or other members, be it in replies or posts. Anyone caught doing this will be banned. Just use common courtesy, please.

8. You may post wedding related items you have for sale. They just need to be placed behind an LJ cut. But please do not post any advertisements for a company or contest. These will be considered spamming and will be deleted immediately.

9. Above all, HAVE FUN! This community is here for advice, support, and friendship. Let’s keep it a friendly and drama-free place so we can ALL enjoy being here.