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Engaged 2 Married

A Long Overdue Intro

A Long Overdue Intro

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I do
Here's my community introduction survey:
engaged2married survey for surlyride
Wedding Date3/15/08
My role isBride!!!
I live inMemphis TN
I'm getting married inMemphis TN
Our song/First Dance songdon't know yet
Wedding Colorsdon't know yet
Formalityformal evening
Number of guestsabout 150
How'd I meet my fiancé/husband?Helenangel had a part in it! Long story.
How long have we been together?5 months
Wedding websiteworking on it, yes.
Anything else to tell everyone?I am the co-moderator of the community. I'll have much more questions as the date nears!
Fill out a wedding profile.
Courtesy of AppleBride Wedding Encyclopedia.
  • welcome!

    also, i love your icon... but i love the fact that you have S&O icons even more. :D
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