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Engaged 2 Married

Meanest April Fools Joke EVER

Meanest April Fools Joke EVER

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Wedding: Pirates Drinks
I found this on the Boston.com message boards where people are posting April Fools Jokes.  The poor woman!!!  I wouldn't have showed back up on his doorstep, let alone with roses... but to each her own...

Posted by whenever on Mar-31 12:39 PM

I was in this great relationship with a lovely young lady for about 6 months, we were out on a date on March 31st , after midnight I suddenly realized it was officially April Fools Day, so on the way back to the T station as we were walking through Boston Common I stopped her at a park bench got down on one knee and proposed to her, as tears flowed down her cheeks, she said YES!   Then I stood up to hug her and said "April Fools Baby". She didn't talk to me for about 3 days, but showed up at my door with roses, because should couldn't resist my charming personality, and good looks.

April Fool's

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