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Justice of the Peace - Price Range?

Justice of the Peace - Price Range?

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Ani: Amazon Warrior
My fiance and I are considering hiring a retired Justice of the Peace.  Can anyone tell me how much services from a JP cost?  We will be having a short ceremony (no longer than 30 minutes I'm guessing).  Any insight will help.  Oh and I live in the Boston area if you know any regional estimates.... Thanks!
  • I'm in the Boston area and when we were looking, they're between 200-350 normally. Ours are @650.
    • wow - why so much?
      • We have a husband and wife team and he used to be an ordained Catholic Priest and she's an ordained priest of another denomination. They're known all over the country - I suppose maybe that's why they're so expensive.
        • oh you have two people - that makes it twice the money!

          we just found someone yesterday for $100 plus the cost of housing her at our campsite for the weekend where we are having the wedding, which is $100.
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